25 years in business



Construction and Maintenance

At UPI, we have built a solid reputation for our focus on safety, the environment, quality and schedule. We complete a range of pipeline projects, big and small, all the while minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing personal safety. We continuously strive to expand our business in areas that continue our legacy while maintaining our strong work ethic and core values.

As a leading oil and gas construction contractor, our focus on safety and quality ensure the integrity of every project we undertake.

We offer a variety of construction and maintenance services including:

Pipeline Facility Construction

UPI has the expertise to fabricate and install complex oil and gas pipeline facilities. We’ve successfully and safely executed many pump station, compressor station, metering and regulating stations, and terminal construction projects of all sizes.

Pipeline and Facility Maintenance

Operating facilities need ongoing maintenance to ensure safety, integrity and to maximize production. Additionally, with more than 3,000 integrity (anomaly) digs completed on pipeline sizes from 12” through 48” OD, our highly trained crews are well prepared to handle the most critical projects on operating pipelines and facilities.

Shop Fabrication

Since the formation of UPI, we have aspired to perfect pipeline fabrication to exceed the highest standards of the industry. Our UA and ASME certified 25,000 square foot fabrication shop with 40 acres of adjacent yard space allows our experienced pipefitters to work on projects year-round.


Reducing the environmental impact of pipeline and integrity jobs is an important part of who we are at UPI. We have a team of experienced, safe, and professional leaders with the ability to tackle any size Right-of-Way Access project.

Hydrostatic Testing

UPI has successfully completed hundreds of “Hydro-tests” over the past 25 years. These tests range from a few feet of small diameter pipe spools completed in our fabrication facility to several hundred miles of large diameter pipelines crossing multiple state lines.

Blasting / Coating / Painting

The proper application of pipeline coatings is an essential element to the successful long-term integrity and corrosion prevention of a pipeline. UPI offers comprehensive on-site pipeline Blasting / Coating / Painting services, as well as a state-of-the-art blasting and painting booth at our Duluth location. We've invested heavily in the right people, right tools, and right equipment to ensure pipeline integrity for the long run.

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