J Koski Company is now United Piping Inc. (UPI)

2018 brings a new addition to the United Piping family - J Koski Company has become the UPI Access Division! Our clients can expect the same expertise as well as expanded service offerings. We look forward to continuing these client relationships and building new ones moving forward.

About the United Piping Inc. Access Division

UPI pays close attention to the environmental impact of underground utility systems. We have a team of experienced, safe, and professional staff with the ability to tackle any size Access project. Right-of-Way clearing allows us to open pipeline corridors, for building a new pipeline or performing integrity maintenance. Whether we’re the contractor or subcontractor, we guarantee the restoration and maintenance of our job sites. Partner companies we work with, land owners, and our customers take comfort in knowing that the impacted area will be restored.

Access Services:

  • Timber and Composite Mat Placement
  • Timber Mat Sales, Rental, and Hauling
  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Mulching, Chipping, Grinding and Stump Removal
  • Fencing Removal and New Installations
  • Maintenance of Existing Right-of-Ways
  • Side-trimming and Re-clearing
  • Right-of-Way Restoration
  • Seeding and Mulching

Our team of Access specialists has safely completed countless projects for the pipeline and energy industries. We take great pride in accomplishing large-scale projects with one of the safest groups in the industry. With the right people and equipment ready to mobilize, we are poised for rapid response. We utilize a problem-solving approach to our clients’ needs and can successfully eliminate inefficiencies and increase cost savings.

Understanding environmental compliance, materials staging and management, as well as logistics management, makes UPI the preferred choice for your Access needs. Contact us today!

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