Existing Pipeline Facility Maintenance

UPI helps with everything from pipeline maintenance to pipeline hydrostatic testing.

United Piping Inc. provides on-going maintenance services for existing pipeline facility systems. Our experienced professionals are U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) Operator Qualified (OQ). OQ Personnel routinely provide pipeline trouble-shooting and general maintenance work, service live equipment and complete a wide range of other special services.

Pipeline Maintenance, Repair, and Testing Services:

  • Experienced Plant and Equipment Services
  • Pump, compressor and motor change-outs
  • Piping modifications, replacements and retro-fits
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic testing
  • Millwright
  • Flange torqueing and bolt tensioning

UPI has a solid reputation for successfully completing some of the most challenging outages, working 24/7 if the project requires. We focus on minimizing our environmental impact while maintaining our strong safety record and quality workmanship. Read about our special services projects for more information. You can also visit our project gallery to get an overview of the maintenance projects completed by our company. For more information on the maintenance services we can provide, contact us today!

  • pipeline maintenance
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