Extend the life of your pipeline

Blasting / Coating / Painting

UPI Extends The Life Of Your Valuable Assets


It's true that nothing lasts forever. Pipelines are no different; however, extending the life and protecting your valuable assets is another area where we excel. The proper application of pipeline coatings is an essential element to the successful long-term integrity of a pipeline. United Piping Inc. (UPI) offers comprehensive pipeline blasting, coating, and painting services and we've invested heavily in the right people, tools, and equipment to ensure pipeline preservation.

We are experts in the spray application of multiple pipeline coatings and use the latest technology in Plural Component Spray Systems. We follow our clients' specifications to the highest degree of accuracy to ensure a corrosion prevention coating system that will help extend the life of the pipeline.

Not only does UPI have its own Blasting / Coating / Painting facility, we also have mobile spray trailers, expanding our capabilities in the field for pipeline integrity digs, and maintenance projects.

Pipeline Blasting / Coating / Painting Services:

  • Field External Liquid Coating for Below Ground
  • Field Paint System for Above Ground
  • Shop Application Below Ground External Liquid Coating
  • Shop Application Above Ground Paint

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