Operations Snapshot – Projects and Crews

Currently we have several projects, customers, and crews firing up.

The Chicago region is ramping up in crews and is almost at normal strength. There is a good amount of work ahead of them. We were also successful in securing the Manhattan project. We continue to see more opportunities from more customers in this region.

The fabrication shop is looking at firing up on Manhattan and is receiving material. The fab shop also won a project for a new customer building some stainless-steel work for a saltwater disposal site. This not only means they won a new customer, but this customer could have several more facilities to build so we are all excited about that opportunity!

In the Superior Terminal we are wrapping up the latest phases of the Relief Line project, as well as completing some work on the L3 Expansion.

In Ohio crews are mechanically complete on the TEAL project scope work and are preparing to switch to work on the subsidence efforts. We have a crew wrapping up the completion of a road to the Nexus Meter Stations, as well as some added scope with the filter separators.

There is a lot of happenings around Michigan. We are looking at work in a variety of places across the state. In lower Michigan we are completing some remediation on L78, wrapping up some hydrotesting, and also have some digs coming up. More to come in this area.

The Access Division has been consistently doing matting work for digs, executing work for MN Power, and is currently in pursuit of some new opportunities that look promising. We are looking forward to our summer batch of interns and coops joining us shortly.

HDD has 5 crews working on the Markwest 20” dual lines. They are preparing to mob to West Virginia for installation of a 20” CNX water line. All rigs will be spinning by May 1st. We intend to keep them all spinning for the remainder of 2019.

The level of effort that is going towards estimating currently is stretching our resources. I want to recognize all those that are assisting in the estimating efforts. All that hard work is starting to turn into projects to execute and teams to put to work.

We all need to double down on our efforts regarding quality. We need to raise the bar, not just for ourselves, but for the industry. Talk to your teams about how we can reduce the chances of errors and non-conformances. Fill out a Quality Opportunity. Ask questions and encourage conversations on how we can get better at being good.