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UPI has launched a new plan for helping out fellow employees facing tough times. This plan is called the Employee Support Fund Procedure. We are proud to introduce this plan in order to demonstrate caring toward our fellow workers and their families. If you know of a coworker facing a tough time, ask your supervisor […]

UPI Recruiting at Career Fairs

2018 sometimes seems far away…but not in the T&D department! Lucie has been spending the month of September attending college career fairs and interviewing likely candidates for the internships and coops we will offer in 2018. Many thanks to all who have contributed to this effort; each career fair entails 15-20 hours of follow-up work, […]

Isaac Schober

Isaac Schober has been with UPI as a laborer since 2014. He is currently strawing for John Mitchell at the Joliet Compressor Station in Illinois and filling in at foreman when needed. He has been involved in working on mainline pipelines, integrity digs, and maintenance for the last five years. Isaac is from Menomonie, WI […]

Chicago Region Crews

Troy Johnson, Mike Oswskey, Charlie Willis, Chris Kula, Mike Smugala, Bob Humphrey and Robert Humphrey kicked off the Swartz Crossing Pipe Removal for BP in May. A third party was developing a piece of property just south of Indianapolis with an idled 12-inch BP pipeline running through the middle of it. Some of the challenges […]


Joel Bailer – General Superintendent Joel brings years of invaluable experience to UPI and its clients. He started off as an Integrity Dig Foreman in 2010, then was promoted to a Superintendent. In his role as a General Superintendent, Joel is providing additional support and leadership to the crews in the field, with special emphasis […]

Border Patrol Training

On September 14th, Border Patrol agents utilized UPI’s lower equipment yard to conduct K9 training. The dogs are trained to detect concealed humans and the odors of controlled substances, which include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and ecstasy. Both the agent and the canine are taught proper search sequences and the dogs must remember several verbal […]

October Message

I looked back at my last newsletter message and my introduction described the preliminary public hearings for the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement project. Well the public hearings have now reached the final stage and we need to voice our support now more than ever. UPI, along with other friends that rely on this industry to […]

UPI in Pipeliners Hall of Fame

United Piping Inc is featured in the October/November 2017 edition of Pipeliners Hall of Fame News! UPI’s 20 years of growth, strong values, and commitment to advocacy for the oil and gas industry are the focus of the magazine’s cover and a two-and-a-half-page article. Pipeliners Hall of Fame News is a leading pipeline industry publication […]