UPI Foreman Jim Mitchell Receives Safety Award

UPI Foreman Jim Mitchell was recently nominated and selected to receive a 2018 CEO Safety Leadership Award from TransCanada (now TC Energy) and was the recipient of the Living Safety as a Value award. The award recognizes individuals and teams that demonstrate outstanding safety leadership and commitment to the value of safety.

In November of last year, Jim had found a member of the community in full cardiac arrest, near a welding shop while working on a TransCanada GPMC Dig project. He did not hesitate to try and help the individual using his safety training and company furnished Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). His efforts revived the man and kept him alive until rescue personnel arrived. Unfortunately, the man suffered another attack in route to the hospital and could not be resuscitated.

James Card, Manager of US GAS Projects GPMC West at TransCanada said “Clearly Mr. Mitchell looks out for others, even outside of his work responsibilities. He took charge of this difficult situation and did everything he could, without hesitation, to try and save another person’s life even though he didn’t know who that person was.” Mr. Card presented Jim with the TransCanada Life Saving Rules Coin as a thank you on behalf of the US Gas Projects Team and Leadership last December.

As a Living Safety as a Value award recipient, Jim was congratulated in person by President and CEO of TransCanada Russ Girling at an awards ceremony and luncheon on May 22, 2019. Mr. Girling noted that there were dozens of nominations for the selection committee to consider and Jim’s name being put forward by his peers is a testament to his dedication to safety. His efforts were deemed especially noteworthy and deserving of recognition by the committee.
Below are excerpts from several of the nominations Jim received.

“Jim is a very honorable man. I hope if I ever have a life event such as this, that someone not afraid to step in and help like Jim Mitchell is in the area.”

“Mr. Mitchell’s and this event should not only be recognized but shared across the business as an example of how anyone can and should make a difference both at work and at home.”

“Jim not only tried to save a life, he set an example that will inspire others to help in times of crisis.”

“Jim Mitchell is a very knowledgeable, professional and hardworking man! He takes pride in his work and puts safety and leadership at the top of his list of “to-do’s” each day! Jim stays focused on the job and maintains a high level of work ethic and integrity always.”

“In addition to performing his job at an exemplary level, Jim Mitchell demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to United Piping Inc. and TransCanada’s safety culture and values as well as to the public by making sure every construction project he oversaw performed at a high level of efficiency and maintain TransCanada’s “Zero IS Real” safety focus.”

“Safety was not just a word to Jim and his team, but a commitment to each other that everyone would work together, be on the lookout for each other always and make it home safely every day.”

We are proud to have people like Jim Mitchell on our UPI team. Thank you and congratulations, Jim!