Safety Corner

DCA Arthur T. Everham Safety Award

In March, UPI was awarded the 2018 Distribution Contractors Association (DCA) Arthur T Everham Safety Award in the 600,000 to 2,000,000 manhour worked category. The DCA established the Arthur T. Everham Safety Award in 1986 to recognize contractors with exceptional safety programs. Judging criteria includes: the number of OSHA lost workday cases, number of OSHA restricted duty days, number of first-aid cases, number of fatalities, the presence of a documented safety program, the use of a drug-testing program, and the company’s experience modification rate. The award is highly coveted as winners are recognized and honored by competitors. The safety award was presented at the 58th Annual Convention in Nassau, Bahamas. Thank you and congratulations to all employees who made this possible!

2019 Safety Goals

Every year, we publish company financial, quality, people, communication, and safety goals. Below is a description of our safety related goals for 2019.

1. No Recordable Injuries.

This aligns with our Commitment to Zero. This is attainable by focusing on safety every minute of every day, by having thorough FHLA and safety meetings, focusing on Think 3, and watching out for your fellow employees.

2. Have a Safety Opportunity Frequency Rate of 4.5.

Frequency rate = number of safety opportunities / (hours worked/1,000). We hit this number in 2018 and feel it is very attainable in 2019.

3. Reduce the first aid frequency rate by 25%.

We need to focus on reducing risk and eliminating hazards. If we focus on hazard elimination and reducing first aid injuries, we naturally reduce and eliminate the bigger incidents.