UPI Chicago Region – What A Journey!

If you visit or drive by our office in Morris, IL, you may think that we are just another field office with all of our trailers on site, but this is not the case. The Morris office is the hub of our Chicago Region. As we continue to search for the perfect location and a building to call our Home, we are also committed to helping our community. This past year we became involved with We Care of Grundy County. We’ve helped with their “Fill the Pantry” drive, volunteered to help with their yearly fundraiser and will be involved in the Adopt-a-Family Christmas program.


Completed 32 ILI Digs. 79 individual jobs – 57,000 man-hours without a lost time
injury. Completed 2.5 times the original estimated workload. Worked with our client
to advance safety. Performed work in 7 different states (IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MO & OH).

Completed 123 ILI Digs. 119 individual jobs – 106,000 man-hours without a lost time
injury. We were awarded our first Lump Sum project (included the demolition &
disposal of 2905’ of 12” pipe). We completed our first Line Lowering project. We
were awarded a project with B&B. Performed work in 4 additional states (KS, MN,
OR & SD).

Completed 54 ILI Digs. 129 Individual jobs – 125,663 man-hours without a lost time
injury. We completed our first HDD project for BP. We were awarded our first projects
with Enbridge & TC Energy out of the Chicago Region. Performed work in 3 additional
states (AL, TN & WI)

Through August, completed 87 ILI Digs. 98 Individual Jobs – 113,086 man-hours without
a lost time injury. We are currently finishing our first Metering Upgrade project
for BP. Received our first opportunity from Nicor.

June 2016 – August 2019: 416 projects. We’ve grown from 1 client to 5 clients
which includes opportunities from Duluth (BP, B&B, TC Energy, Enbridge & Kinder
Morgan). We have MSA’s with 5 companies We’ve worked in 14 states. In partnership
with the Duluth Billing Department, we have submitted 955 invoices.

Team Members
Our region continues to show increased growth that wouldn’t be possible without our awesome UPI crews. These men and women work long hours and spend many hours away from their families. We are proud to work with such talented employees.

In June of 2016, we were awarded the 3-year maintenance contract with BP US Pipelines & Logistics. We had 4 employees in our Morris office along with 4 crews supporting one client. In addition to successfully executing several projects out of Chicago and adding staff to manage the growth, the team was also rewarded by renewing the initial 3-year maintenance contract with BP just 18-months into the relationship. Today, we have 11 employees in our Morris office and have had up to 15 crews working at a time. We have grown from providing support to one client to now supporting 5 clients through our partnership with our Duluth office.

Duluth & Chicago Region Partnership
Our Duluth office continues to support the Chicago Region with Payroll, IT, Learning & Development, Safety and Quality. Our region supports the Duluth Estimating Department and other business units, project execution, billing and contracting, business development, and management of warehouse and equipment. We have also been able to support Duluth with executing projects that are in close geographic proximity to our Morris office.