Safety Culture is Our Focus

Safety Opportunity Program

Our Safety Opportunity Program is a hybrid safety observation and hazard identification program. It encourages employees to identify behavior-based safety observations and hazardous conditions and to correct the situation. Safety Opportunities are documented on our Safety Opportunity form. They are then sent to the Safety Department where they are reviewed, assigned points based on hazard mitigated, and tracked in our Safety Opportunity database. Employees’ points are tracked on pay.

Stop Work Authority 

We have noticed, through observations and our Safety Opportunity Program, that over the last couple years, our employees are more and more willing and encouraged to stop work they believe may be unsafe. The vast majority of these stop work instances are what we call mini stop works – that is one employee stopping another employee or stopping a small task. We have also noticed that the employees who are being stopped are very receptive and appreciative of their coworkers looking after them. We would like to reiterate that no one has ever been punished, nor will they be punished for stopping unsafe work. This increase in the willingness to stop a task and willingness to be receptive is a great indicator of our strong safety culture.