Remote Weather Monitoring Station

Weather Station

UPI needed a solution for monitoring outside temperatures, underground temperatures, and solar radiation. The main feature limiting a normal weather station from being used was the need to monitor underground temperatures every three inches down to 48,” as well as send and display data in real-time to a website. As a result, the idea came up to create a custom weather station that catered to these project-specific needs. IT Coordinator TJ Lillo took on this brainy task. To create it all from scratch, TJ 3-D printed the enclosure for the weather station, then water proofed and mounted it on a camera tripod. Then all of the complex sensors were connected to provide data for underground temperature, wind direction, wind speed, external temperature/ barometric pressure/humidity, and solar radiation. It took him over 40 hours to build the weather station. Once again, our people go above and beyond for the success of the team.