Nushka Lake Re-Route Project

The Nushka Lake project has been in full swing since November 2017, with huge milestones being accomplished recently. The project involves the installation of ¾ of a mile of 48-inch pipe that is being re-routed from a 60-foot-deep swamp. The size of this project is incredible, from the length of the re-route to the pipe diameter to the size of the crew needed to complete the work. Currently, there are 150 UPI employees working on this project. Crews have been working 24 hours a day, seven days a week since the start of the project and that schedule will continue until its completion in April.

This project is unique and challenging in many aspects, and UPI’s success has not come easy. We’ve had to work in less than ideal conditions in a swampy area, relying a great deal on Mother Nature for the success of the job, specifically when it comes to ice road construction and an extremely tight deadline of project completion before spring. Add in the removal of the 4,500 feet of existing pipeline and a challenging tie-in to make this project truly noteworthy for UPI.

During the project, we were able to achieve 33 inches of frost for frost road construction. While others may hate cold winters, all involved in this project have been very thankful for the cold weather as it made a difficult project more manageable. The pipe has been strung, welded, and lowered in, and we are currently filling it for the hydrostatic testing portion of this project. The outage started at the beginning of March, and afterwards it is imperative that pipe removal, cleanup, and full-scale demobilization takes place in a timely manner before the snow melts.