Pipeline & Gas Journal: Unplanned Pipeline Outages

Unplanned pipeline outages have many different causes and can happen at any time. Our team prides themselves on their ability to react and repair an emergency outage and Joel Bailer, Vice President of Construction, recently spoke with Pipeline & Gas Journal about our expertise completing repairs safely and efficiently.

The Q&A also highlighted UPI’s experience with outages in extreme weather conditions, quick response situations and sometimes dangerous environments. Joel also informed the public on what they can do to help prevent inadvertent damage from drilling or farming. Lines can also experience outages from a defect, usually from being in the ground for a long period of time. Our teams are always working to incorporate new technology to keep our field workers and communities safe, from scanning equipment to remote, self-driving vehicles.

“Getting the right people and machinery on the ground as quickly and safely as possible is an effort by everyone at United Piping,” Joel said about our process at UPI. “Along with that, good communication with the oil and gas companies so the correct materials needed to make the repairs is extremely important.”

Thanks, Joel, for representing what we do here at UPI so well and being an industry leader. To read the article, pick up the November issue of Pipeline & Gas Journal!