Rick’s Message – May 2021

My ongoing safety moment: STOP WORK is more than a phrase, it is everyone’s responsibility. A simple or significant pause during the workday to make sure everyone is on the right page is within everyone’s right and I will always support your decision to do so. No matter what! As you plan your day, how would you look at your Job Safety Analysis if your family was working alongside you? Your young son or daughter?

The health of our team continues to be a priority. COVID is still present, mental health and depression is prevalent in our personal lives, and stress is a daily obstacle. Work-life balance isn’t just a phrase; we all need time to recharge to be the best version of ourselves. Seeking advice from a professional is encouraged if we are struggling and most importantly, we need to be there for each other, check in with each other, and care for our families.

On a positive note, jobs are in progress, moving along smoothly and we have a strong backlog as well as increasing pricing opportunities each week.

I have been in the field quite a bit in the past couple months, visiting the Middlesex project in New Jersey, Rosalia project in Washington, and the Bonanza project in Oregon. I continue to be amazed at the commitment from our field leaders and the sacrifice they make each day. Great job! Being put on the spot by Field Safety Leader Mr. Plowden to lead morning stretches? Priceless! Payback guaranteed.

New to me? – a Microsoft Teams town hall meeting! Great questions from an engaged audience and I appreciated the casual setting with Controller Tony Larson, VP Brandon Lunde and Field Lead Joel Bailer contributing to the message. I look forward to the next town hall!

We are also disbanding the Leadership Team that focused on cultural improvements and the PM Council that had a field operations focus and are combining the effort in a Total Process Reliability (TPR) setting. The basics are being formed and the intent is to solve and remove obstacles within the business in every department more quickly with solutions and action plans provided by a smaller group of stakeholders. I am excited to see this gain momentum and address all concerns from each of you.

We recently moved from our Morris, IL location to Newark, IL to offer a more professional and spacious office/yard to service the Chicago market. Our HDD team also recently relocated to Ladysmith, WI to offer the same to their growing book of business. Additional property improvements are being vetted in Duluth, MN. Exciting times!

Rick Hansen, President and CEO