Rick’s Message – January 2021

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is rejuvenated for the excitement of the new year!

We remain very optimistic for the new year. Pricing opportunities continue to keep us busy and confident we will have a successful year.

We recently celebrated Safety and Quality day and it remains our primary focus to get everyone home safely each day to their families. We must continually challenge ourselves and those we work near to identify risks and hazards with a skeptical eye. Never assume all the risks are identified and make every day a teaching opportunity. Please commit to documenting safety and quality opportunities; we need to hear from everyone on where we can improve. Simple feedback may save a life. We must hold each other accountable and be willing to ask someone to leave who doesn’t take safety seriously, even if it’s one of our best teammates.

STOP WORK is more than a phrase, it is everyone’s responsibility. A simple or significant pause during the workday to make sure everyone is on the right page is within everyone’s right and I will always support your decision to do so. No matter what!

The organizational chart was recently revised and job descriptions are being revised to set the expectations for each position, but it doesn’t stop there. As we treat everyone within and outside our business as customers it’s important to remember that everyone has an opportunity each day to impact the success of other departments. Take the field for example: in addition to building projects, they perform a vital role in business development, accounting functions such as accounts payable, receivables, payroll, leading safety and development of others, as well as estimating and much more. The point is, working together not only removes obstacles for one another, but makes it a fun place to work and be proud of.

The chaos of our world still surrounds us with a new government and the pandemic still disrupting our daily lives. I encourage everyone to focus on the importance of friends, family and community. If we focus on what we can control, be positive, be involved and support one another, I believe everything else will work itself out.

I personally appreciate the men and women that sacrifice each day to make UPI a great place to work. You travel, stay in hotels, take meals through drive throughs and risk COVID everywhere you go. Without your commitment, we are nothing. Your positive attitude through all this energizes me and I am thankful.

-Rick Hansen, President and CEO