Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week 2021

UPI celebrated yet another Annual Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week in February. It started off a few years ago when some employees heard about The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation which has a mission to make kindness the norm in our schools, workplaces, homes and communities. The mission directly relates to one of the UPI Values – CARING. Therefore, it was easy to get a group of volunteers together and dedicate a week to promote kindness and taking care of each other.

This year the initiatives included:
– Employees and their families baked and donated goodies that were sent to our our crews in MN, WI, MI, NY, IL, and WA. Those employees in each location had the option to keep the kindness going forward and could donate any amount of money that would then go towards a local food bank. With UPI matching our employees’ donations, we collected and donated $1,804 to food banks.

– A Virtual Kindness Board was created for anyone who wanted to leave a shoutout or a thank you to their coworkers. Also a Toolbox Talk bringing attention to mental health and ways to address it was sent to our crews for their morning safety meetings. We care about our people’s physical and mental health and this Toolbox Talk was meant to bring attention to the wellbeing of our employees and their friends and families.

– Jerry Lueneburg, our Field Safety Leader at the Rosalia project, baked delicious pasties for the crew members. Anyone who’s worked with Jerry long enough on a project knows that he’s a great cook who enjoys filling people’s stomachs. Staying safe with a happy is the way to be!