Operations Snapshot: October

I’d like to start my operations update by talking about Safety. UPI went 22 months without a recordable incident. We need to get back to zero again. I believe safety is a choice that everyone needs to make for themselves, and a commitment we each make to each other. Don’t take shortcuts. If you have questions, ask them. Keep an eye on each other. Be diligent and keep situational awareness high. Work safely today, and then come back and do it again tomorrow.

We have been doing a really good job at managing COVID on our jobsites. The key is keeping 6’ of distance when the tasks will allow it. I can tell you this has allowed us to keep our COVID rates low. Please keep this on your radar as one more hazard.

We are winding down on a lot of projects. We are looking to have a strong backlog heading into 2021.

Some project highlights:

  • We completed the last outage at the Holdrege Station. We received high marks from the client for our planning and preparation.
  • We are heading into the last outage on the Highway 31 project. The last line is being tested now.
  • Coleraine is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Again, another project with high praise from the client.
  • On the EFRD’s we are nearing completion for the year. One site has been postponed.
    The Tassinong to Mayflower project is largely demobilized and is wrapping up the last bits of restoration.
  • The Mississippi River HDD is in cleanup and restoration mode.
  • The building is down for the demolition project at Athol. They are working on removing the concrete now.
  • The shop has been busy with the Husky project for the last several weeks.
  • The HDD under the Ohio River is piloted out. This is another case where the client seems to be having a great experience working with our team.
  • Maintenance and support services, including out of Morris and Superior, continue to go well. We have picked up a few small projects here and there.

Thank you all for everything you do to make UPI better.

Josh Purrenhage, Senior Vice President