October Message

I looked back at my last newsletter message and my introduction described the preliminary public hearings for the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement project. Well the public hearings have now reached the final stage and we need to voice our support now more than ever. UPI, along with other friends that rely on this industry to succeed, made a big showing at the public hearings taking place in Duluth at the DECC on October 18th. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all who have written letters, spoken at the public hearings, and many other efforts to show support for our industry! This is more than just support for any single project. We need to support the industry as a whole, so let’s all get our voices heard! Operations Update We have had a long stretch of too many proposals lost combined with project starts getting delayed, and I am very pleased to see that start to shift! We have recently received a number of project awards that will help to finish strong in an otherwise below average year. A few of the bigger ones since the last newsletter include: • TCPL – Digs (Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin) • TCPL – Pulsation Project (Ohio and Indiana) • TCPL – Joliet Compressor Station (Illinois) • Nexus – Meter Stations (Ohio) • Enbridge – Nushka Lake Pipe Replacement (MN) • Enbridge – Dyer Ditch (Indiana) • BP – Work releases too numerous to list! The project teams for the above are all working very hard and ramping up for success. Let’s all give them a hand where we can to help them and thank them for their efforts! The HDD Division is killing it. A big thank you to those folks for the quality work they are doing and showing the State of Pennsylvania that HDDs can be completed professionally and evironmentally safe! The CP Division has been getting work orders released, and has a lot of work to complete before years end. The Chicago region has picked up to near full steam and is doing well now after a relatively slow start to the year. The Fab Shop has picked up and turned out work for the TCPL projects and looking to start on the Nexus work. Great job in the quality improvements to the repair rates. It is noticed! Our business planning is well under way for 2018. I remain excited about the new client/division business model we have started! Future Opportunities I’m confident that we will win the TCPL Flodwood Digs. HDD potential for additional projects/crossings remains high. We have been awarded additional crossings from Welded on the Sunoco project. We should know a solid backlog of work from the Enbridge Facilities MSA by midDecember. We will be working through the workload discussions in the next couple of months. We are in discussions with Consumers Energy for a 3-year opportunity for maintenance work. We are awaiting opportunities to propose on Williams work for all of 2018 in the next month or so. We continue to receive solid opportunities with Oneok. The overall forecast is that 2018 on through 2019 is strong for work opportunities. Safety I am pleased to report that we have not had any reportable incidents since the last newsletter. We have had a number of property damage incidents. Remember that all property damage incidents need to be reported regardless of how minor. Even if it is a rock chip in the windshield. We need to finish this year strong, so