June Message

UPI has logged nearly 360,000 man-hours through May 2018 this year. That compared with approximately 620,000 for all of 2017 is setting us up for a good 2018. Thank you for all of your efforts!

The biggest thing on my mind the past few months and increasing of late is the Enbridge Line 3 project. The final PUC ruling on the project is June 27. There are two separate 2-day hearings leading up that ruling. UPI will be continuing our fever pitch in support of this needed project. I am asking all who read this to please do your part to support our industry as well!

I’ve been hearing a number of inquiries about the joint venture that UPI and Gordon Construction, Inc. recently formed, so let me take a section here to elaborate. In an effort to increase indigenous engagement in our industry, the joint venture Gordon United, LLC was formed as a mentor-protégé effort.

Looking forward to seeing the new blasting and painting/coating facility complete in the coming months. This will be a game changer for the level of service we can provide our clients.

Operations Review

Chicago Division
Eight crews currently working and expect to stay at that through the fall. Doing awesome work as usual.

HDD Division
Really doing well in spite of battling some very difficult rock drills with unconfined compressive strengths of around 55,000 psi. It literally doesn’t get much harder than that. Some big opportunities out there that we are chasing.

Access Division
Doing a great job in performance and especially workload diversity. Picking up MN Power work left and right and sounds like there is more to come. Awesome start and some big opportunities here in 2019.

Shop Fabrication Division
It was truly a pleasure to see the synergy work out between the teams.

Cathodic Protection
Good backlog lined up. Two projects starting very soon.

I’m very happy to see the safety opportunities rolling in. We have recently seen an uptick in the amount of safety opportunities and that is awesome. In my mind the increase is awesome because it happened naturally and it indicated that safety is on our people’s mind.

These are more than just words on our conference room wall. Our people living our values is what makes this company so great to work for!

Mel Olson, President