Featured Veteran: Lucie Stein-Cartford

No one would be surprised to see us spotlight Lucie as our featured Veteran, although she’s no longer an active duty U.S. Marine, she lives and breathes “esprit de corps” whether she’s talking about her time in the Service or her work at UPI.

When Lucie was in high school, she had the opportunity to participate in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program. Getting exposed to the pride and camaraderie of the Marine Corps at a young age was a big factor in her choice to join that service after college. Lucie’s younger brother had enlisted in the Marines in 2008, so in a way, she followed him. Lucie knew that she wanted to serve for a long time – she had such a privileged childhood and access to so much that she wanted to give back.

Lucie enlisted into the Marine Officer Program in 2010, after graduating from college and
was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in August of 2010. From there on the Marine life took her through six months learning basic infantry tactics in Quantico, to Camp Pendleton as a supply officer, then to Combat Logistics Regiment with Marine Logistics Group. She spent the remainder of her time on active duty with 1st Law Enforcement Battalion, standing the unit up from a set of plans on paper into a 680-person unit with all associated equipment and capabilities. She was then promoted to 1st Lieutenant in 2012.

Lucie’s last day of active service was August 25, 2014. She decided to leave because her favorite part of being a supply officer was leading Marines, and supporting Marines. As you progress in rank in supply, you get more and more paperwork and less and less time with your people, and she didn’t want that. “But I’m still a Marine, just not an active-duty one!” says Lucie, “I think service doesn’t end so much as it changes.” “I definitely feel an obligation to continue to give back however I can.”

The most important thing Lucie learned during her active duty time was taught to her by my Staff Platoon Commander in 2010. He said, “As long as you are professionals, and take care of each other, you will succeed.” To Lucie, that summed up the need to be competent and proficient, to constantly work to improve, and to always look out for your people first and foremost.

Lucie came to UPI in September of 2015 after spending a year in the Leadership Development Program (LDP) at APi Group. Her first 7-week rotation was with UPI. “Luckily, they wanted to hire me, so I got to come back!”, Lucie stated. She spent her first 9 months at UPI in the field as a Project Engineer on the Marysville Station project. In August of 2016, She took her current position as Training and Development Manager.