Fabrication Shop Update

We are continuing our work on the ASME welding procedures. It is a slow process, but will be well worth the effort when we are all done. We just finished the fabrication and painting of the BP Whiting Station Upgrade project under the ASME code – our first real ‘job’ using it – and it went extremely well. A huge THANK YOU to all involved for the hard work and attention to detail!

We are starting to experiment with some more new welding technology this week. We brought in some new semi-automatic welding equipment that may prove very useful in the future. We are currently just getting familiar with the equipment and getting it tuned in; in the next several weeks we intend to get some real procedures set and tested, so we will be ready to use it if the opportunity presents itself.

We are all prepped and ready to go for upcoming work, so when it hits we will be able to hit the ground running!

We are also looking forward to FINALLY getting our new paint and blast booths installed! Many have probably already seen some of the work happening in the cold storage building. Electrical work is underway to get ready for them, as well as concrete and foundation work. We are looking forward to having them both in service by mid-August!