Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Horizontal Drilling

When trenching or excavating is not practical, United Piping Inc. (UPI) is able to provide the latest Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) equipment and experienced operators for jobs large and small.

Our highly trained workforce uses specialized equipment, including maxi drill rigs, which allows for the installation of the largest diameter pipelines in our industry. We have three of these specialized drills in our fleet. This equipment includes a Vermeer rig capable of 1.3 million pounds' pullback, a Prime Drilling rig capable of 800,000 pounds' pullback, and an American Auger rig capable of 440,000 pounds' pullback. With our experience in intersect boring, we can drill in excess of 10,000 feet in one crossing length. We also own other necessary support equipment, including power systems, drilling fluid reclaimer systems, drill stem, tooling and drilling support equipment so that your projects run more efficiently.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services:

  • Design and Surveying Capabilities
  • IR Prevention Plan
  • Down-Hole Pressure Monitoring
  • Specialists in Pipe Recovery and Rescue
  • Extensive Experience in Technical Intersect Bores
  • Ability for Multiple Rigs on Site
  • Fleet of On- and Off-Road Trucks
  • Large Diameter Casing Installation
  • Experience with Drilling in all Soil Conditions

HDD is an economical and environmentally-friendly method for the installation of pipelines underneath roads, highways, railroads, rivers, wetlands and buildings. UPI has knowledgeable drillers and invests in the latest drill technology to give you one-of-a-kind service. To learn more about our Horizontal Directional Drilling services, see our contact us page.